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About accessibility support in Direct Mail

The term "accessibility" here refers to assistive technologies that can help accommodate user's special needs. There are two major components to Direct Mail's accessibility support:

  1. Email campaigns authored using Direct Mail are compatible with accessibility software and standards
  2. The Direct Mail user interface itself is compatible with assistive technologies built in to macOS

Email campaigns (and other content)

All email campaigns authored with Direct Mail can be navigated and read by the recipient’s device using screen reading technology (like Apple’s VoiceOver). As you are composing your email campaign, it is important to provide text-only descriptions of any images that you add to your design. This can be done by clicking on the image and entering the description into the "Text-Only Description" field. Text descriptions of videos, maps, and social media buttons that you add to your email are generated automatically, as is a text-only version of your entire email.

Email campaigns created using Direct Mail’s modern template editor meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at the AA level.

Email subscribe forms, and campaign web reports that Direct Mail generates are also accessible and meet the above-mentioned standards.

Direct Mail user interface

Direct Mail is compatible with the accessibility features that are built-in to macOS. It also includes special support for VoiceOver. You can enable macOS accessibility features by choosing  > System Settings > Accessibility (or  > System Preferences > Accessibility)

Our work here is not done. We continue to improve VoiceOver support in Direct Mail and welcome your feedback.

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