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Using the "Clicking a link in an email campaign" trigger

You can trigger an autoresponder to send out when someone clicks a link in an email campaign. For example, say you are planning to send out an email campaign that offers customers a special discount if they click a link in your email. You might want to create an autoresponder that sends out a follow-up email with the discount code to the customers that clicked the link. You can use the "click" trigger to accomplish this.

If you use the click trigger, you will be asked to select which links Direct Mail should monitor for clicks. Campaigns that have already finished sending out aren't eligible, but campaigns that you have scheduled to send out in the future, or draft campaigns are eligible. You can instruct Direct Mail to monitor all the links in a campaign, or just the ones you choose. If you have created a message that you would like to monitor for clicks, but you have not yet scheduled that message to send (or saved it as a campaign draft), you will need to do that first before it appears in the list of eligible campaigns.

If a recipient unsubscribes or is removed from your mailing list before they click the triggering link, they will not be sent the autoresponder.

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