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Creating a new smart group

Smart Groups show only the contacts that meet criteria you specify. They are a great way to easily and automatically segment your list. Here's how to create one:

  1. Choose Addresses > New Smart Group from the menu bar.
  2. Enter the name of the Smart Group
  3. Choose your filter criteria.
  4. Click OK.

You can edit the name and/or filtering criteria of your Smart Group at any time by double-clicking the group name in the Addresses tab.

Advanced Filtering

Smart Groups work just like Smart Playlists in the Music app, or Smart Albums in the Photos app. Use the "+" button on the right-hand side of the window to add additional filtering criteria. For more advanced logic, hold down the Option/Alt key while clicking the "+" button to create nested clauses (the "+" button becomes a "..." button when the Option key is held down). For example, let's say you wanted a smart group that would show you contacts with the following criteria:

    ( email ENDS WITH "" OR email ENDS WITH "" )
AND opened my last email
AND subscribed on or after September 20, 2012

Here's how you would set it up:


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